Louis Diaz


Louis Diaz

The CEO of Miami Tax Expert has won awards for superior client service at two Fortune 500 companies. He has also been a highly rated tax professional for over 20 years and has hosted radio talk shows related to filing Federal Income Tax Returns.


Phone: 305-810-8509

Address: 110 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah, FL, 33010

Email: loudiaz@miamitaxexpert.com




Mr.Diaz holds masters degrees in business and taxation. He has attended Nova Southeastern University, the University of Kansas and Exelsior College. Mr.Diaz is also a graduate of the United States Army Chemical School and the NCO academy. 


Mr.Diaz has been granted the status of Enrolled Agent by the Internal Revenue Service.

Mr.Diaz is a Professional Tax Advisor, and Vigorous Defender of Taxpayer rights. Over twenty Years of Tax and Managment experience in the private sector.


Mr.Diaz has held management positions at two of the top three tax firms in the country and has also been a franchise owner. Mr.Diaz is currently the CEO of Miami Tax Expert inc. and Tax Relief Commandos corp. Mr.Diaz is a former Florida Department of Revenue manager and is a Licensed Heath, Life and Annuities Agent.

Mr.Diaz specializes in complex individual and corporate tax returns (30K to 8M), FBAR reporting issues, OVDI filing (Offshore Accounts), IRS representation of individuals and businesses along with Tax and Accounting Services for Law and Medical Practices.


Mr.Diaz and his staff are currently representing clients in 22 Foreign Counties and all U.S. States. In the last two years the firm has gotten over $2,000,000 in Federal and State penalties abated.

Dominique F.


Very professional. Saved me a bunch of money. Am recommending to all my friends and family for next year

Apr 19, 2017 - Verified


Juliana E.


Amazing! Louis is extremely professional. He really took the time to walk us through every detail of our tax return. He also answered any questions that we had. He was very responsive via email, telephone and text. We are very happy having hired Louis to do our taxes. We will definitely come back next year!

Feb 20, 2016 - Verified